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JBay is your high-tech development partner.

An innovation researcher and implementer, aiming at co-creating the future with ambitious brands.

What do we do?

See us like the co-pilot that will make your high-tech project take off.

You know your business and you know it demands constant evolution. You understand what needs to change. That's your challenge.

But how to make technology contribute to that positive change? That's our challenge. 

What we do: we listen, research, co-create and implement the technology you need.

High-tech end-to-end solutions

Product Development

A hybrid development approach to combining a great piece of hardware with the right software. Defining, creating and implementing highly innovative products that generate positive change.

Software Development

Always remembering that software is a mean and not an end goal, focusing on the need and relying on extensive experience to define the right way to build it. Putting valuable energy into understanding the purpose, and delivering well-balanced technology oriented to results. 


Working together towards your business's best future.


Incorporating all the digital opportunities into the value chain.


Using all the high-tech potential to promote corporate eco-transformation.

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud and Infrastructure

Full Stack

Internet of Things

Success Stories


Medical device based on Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Kia Motors

Internal communication and business intelligence platform.



Wheelchair that is controlled with the eyes of the user.


Making it fly

jbay process

Exploratory meeting

Understanding the challenge, high-level discussion, fit evaluation.

Research and proposal

Solution vision, project overview, and estimated investment. 

Research and analysis

Deep research and requirements definition.


Collaborative solution design and engineering.


Hardware and software development.

Quality Assurance

Test and debug.


Prepare to go live, be adopted.

The four pillars of our commitment


Perfectly understanding the challenge and being absolutely aligned with our client.


Being curious and aware of technology's pace of change.


Always bringing a good solution together with an identified problem, unloading the client from worries we can solve. 


Understanding that every action that we take during the development process will have an exponential impact at the end-user level.

Changing the world

Work @ jbay

No BS! Not all days are perfect, as also none of us is. Being said that, we trust in each other, we live a good life, and most importantly we are very proud of what we achieve together.

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