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improving health by making "outdoor" exercise available for all

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Designing a seamless experience to ensure a frictionless adoption.

The Syncsense® VR Solution aims at changing lives through the practice of physical exercise, but for that to happen, users must use it as much as possible, and no technology barriers should be an obstacle to it.

The Client

SYNCSENSE ApS is a Danish healthtech company that develops, markets and implements the life-enhancing digital training technology SYNCSENSE® for physical and cognitive VR training of society's most weakened and inactive elderly and people with disabilities.

The two founders today own 100% of SYNCSENSE ApS, including all IP rights, which include both international patents and European trademarks. During the journey, SYNCSENSE ApS has received funding from private and public funds as well as from two of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb. SYNCSENSE ApS has excelled in international as well as national accelerator programs and has most recently won Denmark's first prize in artificial intelligence, the Danish AI Award, and has also been nominated for Entrepreneur Of The Year in the category Social Entrepreneurship - Future Impact.


jbay is the project's high-tech developer, contributing to both software and hardware development. Project briefing can be synthesised in three words: "it just works"! Syncsense's visionaries always showed a strong focus on the experience quality in terms of how easy it needs to be to use the VR Kit, in such a way that it could never compromise the solution adoption and usage. Three words (it just works), a thousand challenges. Barriers needed to be surpassed, and not-so-perfect results needed to be eliminated. In what we do, as simpler the outcome, as complex the design. Together we did it! Now we testify the natural adoption of the solution and its continuous usage that is changing lives. Three words, a thousand challenges, infinite reasons to be proud of being part of this journey. 


jbay collaboration with Syncsense started with the streaming solution but fast evolved to other product development areas. New hardware and AI intensification represent the natural evolution of the collaboration.

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